VIM has good support for many languages, IDL included. They syntax highlighting is pretty nice, however, the default indenting leaves something to be desired. I adapted the indent file that came with MacVIM to also indent functions and procedures.


Download idlang.vim indent file.


Create a directory ~/.vim/indent and move the idlang file into it. VIM will now automatically pick it up when it detects that you're editing an IDL .pro file. You may have to also set the following in your .vimrc:

syntax on
filetype plugin indent on

In addition, to use folding, you may want to create a directory ~/.vim/ftplugin with a file idlang.vim with the following content:

set foldnestmax=1
set foldmethod=indent


2009 02 09many improvements
2009 01 24initial release

Bugs & feature requests

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